click for info Morning Sun (2000), Maartje Teussink

click for info Untangled (2002), Maarten

Wanna Stay Connected (2002), Nick McAlley

Hank Williams Tribute (2003), Durango & Friends

The Moment That Matters (2003), Ad Vanderveen

Let Go (2004), Sandra van Reys

Only Gold (2005), JJ Johns

click for info Soundtrack 't Schaep Met De 5 Pooten (2006), Vissen

Songs At The Dinner Table (2006), Leine

Sunny Side Up (2008), Nick McAlley

Hard Road/Muddy Track (2008), Dennis Kolen

Crawlin' Through The USA (2008), Michael Weston King

2X20 Minuten (2009), 99 Procent Puur

Finger Licking Good!! (2010), Beans & Fatback

Revolution of the Romantics (2010), Dennis Kolen

Efterklang (2011), Laurens Joensen

Days Of The Greats (2011), Ad Vanderveen

The Years Of DK (2012), Dennis Kolen

Come Home, Home My Little Bird (2013) , GoldZounds

Trouble (2015) , Smutfish

last updated: 3/2015